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Skullsuds About:

Here at Skullsuds we are passionate about the environment and wanted to create a range of products that are environmentally friendly. With the number of plastics taking over our oceans. We wanted to make a change by formulating soaps, shampoos, conditioners and deodorants in bar form, thus eliminating the need for plastic. Not only are we creating plastic free products we are also donating a percentage of our profits to 4oceans.

All products will be formulated SLS and SLES free and animal friendly, suitable for vegetarians/vegans. 

Our initial soap range is going to be specifically made for sports and therapy in six types. 

Combat soap tailor made for martial arts such as BJJ, MMA, Judo etc with bruise healing, muscle relaxing, antibacterial, anti-fungal and bruise reducing essential oils.

Swim soap tailor made to help moisturise and remove chlorine buildup.

Sport soap tailor made to help relax muscles and have antibacterial properties.

Power soap tailor made for perspiration with cedarwood essential oils 

Relax soap to help relieve muscle pain

Cold soap tailor made with a blend of essential oil to help relieve cold & flu symptoms.

We have also formulated a range of bath bombs again which are all designed with sport and therapy in mind.

Combat bomb formulated alongside the soap range

Relax bomb formulated alongside the soap range

Cold bomb formulated alongside the soap range

Swim bomb formulated alongside the soap range

Cleanse bomb enfused with antibacterial essential oils 

Refesh bomb enfused with refreshing essential oils 

Coming soon

Vegan friendly wax wraps eliminating the need for cling-film.

Vegan friendly bamboo toothbrushes 

Our shampoo and conditioner bars will be made for various hair types and all be infused with essential oils that help promote healthy hair.

Dry and damaged


Thicken and promote growth.

Our deodorant bars will be made with antibacterial properties that will help to eliminate odors in a his and hers range.

With your support we aim to eventually increase our range and help make a difference to the world's future.


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Use quality products without harming our planet.

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